Kenya Moore may have nearly broken her neck after falling on stage at a Las Vegas high rollers competition over the weekend, but rest assured, while her body may bear bruises from the fall, her ego is just fine.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star took to Twitter to explain the incident to fans, assuring them that it was, in fact, an accident, and not just a new, dangerous dance move.

“LOL yes I fell it was not choreographed!” writes Kenya.  

While it may not have been the most graceful move, fans lauded Kenya for making the recovery look fierce and effortless.

It may have been an embarrassing moment for most people, but Kenya still thinks she did a pretty amazing job at making the fall look fabulous.

“I channelled my inner @Beyonce and flipped my hair and kept it moving LOL and won that round,” adds the former Miss USA.

“I never knew how much falling can entertain people and make world headlines! LOL #twirlon.”

If anyone could turn falling into an art form, we’re sure it’s Kenya — she certainly has the self-confidence for it!

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Source: Twitter