Credit: Bravo Photo: Marlo Hampton, NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore

So much for co-stars sticking together…

Last week Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes went off on talk show host Wendy Williams after Wendy bashed the reality star’s custom Birkin bag, and the argument has only gotten dirtier since. Now the beautiful Kenya Moore is chiming in with her opinion and we’re a bit surprised by whose side she’s chosen.

NeNe and Kenya aren’t on the best of terms right now (it probably has something to do with that pajama party and NeNe picking Porsha Williams during the reunion brawl) but does all of that mean Kenya should side with Wendy over NeNe? We don’t think so, but allow Kenya to explain.

When one of the former Miss USA’s Twitter followers asked her to weigh in on NeNe and Wendy’s feud, Kenya said that the beef was “petty” and noted that Wendy “speaks her mind that’s why ppl watch.”

Sure, those remarks are innocent enough, but Kenya later added, “#teamwendy some ppl can't take criticism it’s really not that serious. The truth hurts it u don’t have to believe it.” Like we said, Kenya and NeNe aren’t on great terms right now, but it’s also worth noting that Wendy has trashed Kenya in the past, even stating that she should be fired from RHoA!

Are you surprised that Kenya is Team Wendy? Sound off below!