Credit: Porsha Stewart on Instagram Photo: Porsha Stewart Poses With Her New Choreographer

Porsha Williams knows that talent alone won’t make her an overnight singing sensation — there’s plenty of dedication and commitment involved in the process, too.

It looks like the 33-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta star is more than ready to tackle the challenges of becoming the next pop princess, hiring brand-new vocal coaches and choreographers to whip her into shape by the time her next single drops.

Porsha posted a photo of herself with her new vocal coach to Instagram, praising the progress they’re making together.

“Putting in work with new choreographers &@Vcjamesslaughter (vocal coach) Marvelous Development. Getting ready for my Tom Joyner Performance! ! #Flatline & Bomb Medley and more! #Excited #StayTuned #GotToPushThatPlateBack lol,” she captioned the pic.

While Porsha has a lot of work ahead of her before she achieves her goal of becoming a world-famous pop star, it seems like she finally has all of her ducks in a row.

In addition to the many other projects she’s working on at the moment, including filming Season 7 of RHoA and becoming a full-time host at Dish Nation, Porsha is finally on track to release her first EP, and from the looks of it, a video, to boot!

What do you think of Porsha’s decision to further pursue her singing career? Will you buy her album when it hits stores? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Instagram