Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Kandi Burruss Hangs Out With Chilli and T-Boz

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is making news with the launch of her spinoff The Kandi Factory, a show that revolves around Kandi helping young music industry talent.


But why should these people listen to Kandi? Take a look at the 8 best songs she's either written herself or collaborated on and find out.


1. Off NSYNC's No Strings Attached:  "It Makes Me Ill"


2. From Mya's debut album: "How You Gonna Tell Me..."


3 and 4. For Destiny's Child, she wrote "Bug a Boo" and "Bills, Bills, Bills"


5. Off Pink's album Can't Take Me Home: "There You Go"


6. She wrote Samatha Mumba's "I'm Right Here"


7. Her own song that was released in 2000, "Don't Think I'm Not"


And the most famous song she's credited for that also won her a Grammy?


8. TLC's "No Scrubs"


Who knew? These songs certainly give The Kandi Factory a little more oomph to her skill-set and ability to mentor young talent. 


Source: OK!