Credit: Bravo Photo: Kim Makes an Adjustment to Her Wig in Episode 3.1, “New Attitude”

Kim Zolciak finally dished about the most-talked about stars of The Real Housewives of Atlanta: her wigs! As we saw on this week’s RHoATL, Kim doesn’t go anywhere without the full collection. Says Zolciak about her babies, “They go in Ziploc bags in my carry-on. Wherever I'm going, I have a new wig for every day. If I forget shoes, I'm OK, but if I leave my hair, I'm lost.” That would explain the haphazardly thrown together Louis Vuitton trunk full of shoes, but the carefully chosen wig collection she brought along with her to the 2010 Palm Springs White Party. So what triggered the obsession? Kim’s mom, of course. Says Zolciak, “My mom's a hairdresser; I grew up in hair salons. When I started wearing wigs, I was going through a phase where my hair was bad. I didn't like what was out there — it was platinum, white, white, white, or had too much gold and washed me out. I had to go custom. My wigs have four colors in them, so they look like real hair.”

And just how far does the passion extend? “I have 15 wigs upstairs right now. I always have one straight, one curly, one like Farrah Fawcett,” she says. “I have them washed and styled by [hairstylist] Derek J every week.” We didn’t realize the Farrah Fawcett look was current enough to deserve its own wig, but fair enough, Kim. Do you.

But don’t go thinking Kim wears the wigs because she’s still got a hot mess underneath them. Says the Hotlanta Housewife, “The one thing I would like to dispel is the notion that I still have bad hair. I have a ton of hair and it's to my shoulders. A lot of people are like, ‘I wish you would stop wearing those damn wigs!’ I will someday and surprise y'all.” Translation: one day, she’ll yank off her own wig and reveal the flowing locks beneath it. We’re betting it happens during a reunion special. Or some other event at which Andy Cohen is present.

Source: stylelist