Credit: Bravo Photo: Sheree Gets Her Hair Did in Episode 3.11 "Contract Player"

Sheree always manages to wear a perfectly balanced outfit, something you don't need Cynthia's physique or Kandi's funky personality to pull off. Yet the budding actress never looks boring either, which we can definitely get behind. We loved the color palette of soft grays and pinks that she wore to check out Kim's laser procedure, so much so that we immediately set out to recreate the look for ourselves.

Get Sheree's simple but effective casual look:

1. Start with a creamy jacket like this sophisticated Metallic Button Blazer ($98).

2. Layer a matching tank underneath for a cool monochromatic look. We recommend this versatile Aubin & Wills Cotton and Silk Camisole ($40).

Push a pair of sunglasses up onto your head like Sheree for a unstudied chic look. You can’t go wrong with these classic Fantas-Eyes Black Tie X Sunglasses ($26).

4. Complement your palette up top with a pair of cream heels. These Woman on a Mission Heels ($40) will make you feel strong and independent.

5. Ground your ensemble with a pair of darker, on-trend trousers. We love these trendy Cargo Pocket Skinny Pants ($45).