Credit: Roshan Perea/Splash Photo: Kim Zolciak & NeNe Leakes Have a Night Out

It’s been months since NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak have interacted face-to-face, but that hasn’t stopped them from trading barbs on Twitter for the past several months. Sometimes they exchange snide remarks outright, while other times their jabs are a bit more cryptic.

This time around, the ladies took the veiled insult approach, each tweeting about someone that was once in their life. On Feb. 1, Kim tweeted, “I would feel really bad if every time I do an interview all they inquire about is my ex coworker! Lol #staytuned.”

And on Feb. 4, NeNe seemingly fired back with a message of her own. “I see people can b very intimidated by ur career moves! Mainly because they don't have a career,” she tweeted.

We aren’t quite sure what set NeNe and Kim off this time, but Kim has vowed to attend the RHoA Season 5 Reunion so she can set some “delusional people” straight. Sounds like the shit is about to hit the fan!

Do you think NeNe and Kim will duke it out at the reunion like old times? Share your opinions below!