Credit: Plixi Photo: Kim Tweets a Pic of Date Night with Kroy

It’s official: Real Housewives of Atlanta star and new mom Kim Zolciak has reached new levels at playing the social media game. We’ll just let this latest happening speak for itself.

Earlier this week, Kim’s assistant, Sweetie, tweeted, “I will be happy to announce that @Kimzolciak and @biermann71 son KJ will have a twitter account in 8 days..”

Now we know these two love a good laugh, but there’s nothing about this tweet that would suggest Sweetie was just joking around. Plus, Kim or Kroy never denied her ridiculous claim.

Let’s face it — little KJ will probably have a Twitter account by next week. Kim (and her entire family for that matter) live for media exposure. In Kim’s world it’s totally acceptable to have your fat burned off while delving into a pizza pie, just as it is completely normal for a three-week old infant to tweet his every thought. The endless cyle of eat, sleep, and poop is bound to be riveting.

It’s only a matter of time before Kim’s wigs get their own Twitter account. We would so follow that!

Source: Twitter