Credit: Enrique RC/ Photo: Tami Roman Leaves The Wendy Williams Show

Basketball Wives star Tami Roman had a bit of a scary start to her weekend when both her Twitter and e-mail accounts were hacked last Friday night.

TMZ is reporting that a friend warned Tami her Twitter account had been hacked after the hacker sent out a series of bizarre tweets and claimed to be in charge of the account. Tami’s e-mail account — which she’s had for a whopping 14 years — also fell victim to the hacker after he or she managed to change all of Tami’s security questions.

Tami quickly alerted New Jersey police, who are investigating the situation, but Twitter and AOL have not responded to Tami after she reached out to them.

Yikes, we hope you get this debacle straightened out soon, Tami!

Source: TMZ