With her Skinnygirl brand food and cookbooks, Bethenny Frankel has already made her mark on the world of healthy eating. Now, the proud mama and star Bethenny Ever After is out to conquer another industry: skincare and beauty.

Wetpaint Entertainment first brought you the details about Bethenny’s new skincare line, Skinnygirl Face & Body, back in December. Now, the sassy entrepreneur is speaking with Hollywood Life — and sharing some of her personal beauty secrets.

“In the morning I do a cleanse, I use a spray toner, I use a serum, an under eye cream and then either a moisturizer with SPF on top or just an SPF moisturizer,” she tells the site of her daily beauty routine.

“At night I’ll do a little heavier of a face cream, but I do like the products under the products. I used to never be a layerer. I like the layering of toner, serum and moisturizer.”

On top of that, she’ll do a vitamin C scrub followed by a moisturizing mask once or twice a week. Sound like the recipe for breaking the bank? It doesn’t have to be! Bethenny sells her line exclusively at Walmart, and nothing is ever more than $15.

“The difference between a hundred dollar cream and a 15 dollar cream is negligible. And in most cases the money is in the packaging and people are just appealing to people in marketing and I think it’s deceptive.”

Source: Hollywood Life