Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo Photo: Kim Gets Strapped in Tight in Episode 3.3, "White Hot"
Hmm, maybe Big Poppa should have spared the expenses on Kim's non-engagement ring and used the money to pay his taxes instead. Big Poppa, né Lee Najjar, owns Union Station Mall in Union City Georgia, and reportedly owes $290,000 in back taxes, plus he's eight months behind on his light bill. The mall is basically a ghost-town now as most of the shopkeepers have been evicted or closed their stores due to warnings from Georgia Power informing them that the electricity may be shut off due to nonpayment. Apparently, overnight mall security has changed the locks on several stores, barring tenants from entering, as well. A letter from the mayor was delivered to the shopkeepers sympathizing with “challenging times” at the mall, but Big Poppa has no comment. Looks like Kim ditched her sugar daddy just as the sugar ran out.

Source: WSBTV