Credit: Bravo Photo: Bob Whitfield and Sheree Whitfield

We can't imagine anything stings more for a Real Housewife than her ex-husband dating one of the biggest gossip bloggers in town (well, except maybe him dating another H'Wife), but Sheree Whitfield’s ex-husband NFL star Bob Whitfield is doing just that. He's reportedly dating the mastermind gossip bloggess behind Straight From the A, a woman named Michelle, and it sounds like she might be pregnant.

In an interview with FreddyO, Bob hinted at the possibility of a pregnancy, saying, "You know you can always say, 'Aww yeah, I don’t wanna have kids.' But then all of a sudden, someone ends up pregnant and then you have more kids."

Then, after an admission of "things happen," he turned the interview around on Sheree, asking if she was spreading rumors of a pregnancy.

And, of course, what's an interview about your ex-wife without a few jabs taken? Apparently, Sheree is the reason Bob can't lavish his new lady in the manner in which he would like. "Sheree got all my money. So the only thing I can buy [Michelle] is dinner," he quipped. "And we ain’t gonna do nothing but The Olive Garden."

Yikes! Maybe Miss Straight From the A should steer clear? A broke dude with a known-to-be volatile ex-wife might not be worth the trouble.

Source: FreddyO