Credit: Splash News Photo: Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon Help Heart Attack Victim

Bobbi Kristina Brown is no stranger to tragedy, and on Oct. 13, Whitney Houston’s only daughter rushed to help a heart attack victim after the man’s relatives flagged down Bobbi Kristina and her fiance, Nick Gordon, in Atlanta.

According to Radar Online, Bobbi Kristina and Nick were standing in a mall parking lot when they were asked to help. Nick removed the ailing man from his car and placed him on the ground as Bobbi Kristina elevated his legs in an effort to improve blood flow to his brain.

The couple was clearly shaken by the incident, but comforted the man’s family until paramedics arrived. 

At this point, it is unclear if the man survived the heart attack.

Are you surprised by the couple's actions?

Source: Radar Online