Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Brielle Zolciak Holds Baby Kash

It looks like the apple — or should we say peach? — doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to the Zolciak women.

Kim's daughter, Brielle, is just like her mama when it comes to her beauty, bold personality, and passionate addiction to credit cards. Brielle recently went on a shopping spree that most adults can only dream of, let alone teenage girls.

Brielle took to Twitter to tackle the first step, admitting she has a problem, writing, "Spent over $1000 at urban yesterday and now the same at Victoria's Secret... #shoppingaddiction." For those math-challenged folks out there, that's upwards of two-freaking-thousand dollars!

We can see how all those cute jeans and dresses at Urban Outfitters could start adding up, but exactly how many hip huggers and booty shorts do you have to buy to rack up a thousand-dollar bill at VS?

Brielle later shared her secret to getting what she wants, explaining, "The key is showing my mom something i know she'll like just so she buys something therefore i can buy stuff too." Brilliant!

Do you think Brielle is spoiled... or are you just mad jealous?