Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Kim Zolciak's House Is Almost Done

So far we've gotten dozens of progress updates on the new Zolciak-Biermann estate in the way of pictures, but Brielle has stepped up her game with three cool videos from outside and inside her future home.

The first clip shows the garage and backyard areas, where there appears to be what will eventually become an inground pool. The home also sits on a bank of either a river or large brook. There's still a lot of work to be done, but we can totally see Kim lounging poolside enjoying her view!

Credit: Vine Photo: Kim Zolciak's Garage and Backyard at the New House

The next two videos showcase the grand staircase, giving us another look at that awesome iron railing. One is taken from the top view of the stairs, while the other offers an angle from below as the staircase descends. Seriously, we're expecting Scarlett O'Hara to glide down the steps any second.

Credit: Vine Photo: Kim Zolciak's Back Staircase at the New House

Kim retweeted Brielle's vids and took the opportunity to give her iron man props again. "I love the iron we had made!!," she gushed, adding, "Our iron guy spent 4 months on this! I love!"

What do you think of Kim's home?


Credit: Vine Photo: Kim Zolciak's Front Staircase at the New House