Credit: Myspace Photo: Kim Zolciak with Daughter Brielle

As the oldest child of a Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Brielle Zolciak is often given everything her little heart desires — including fancy dresses and designer shoes — but there’s one item of Kim’s that the teen has her eye on that she probably won’t be getting her hands on... yet.

On Feb. 6, Kim Instagrammed the below picture of her blinged out hand weighed down by her massive wedding ring, writing, “@briellebiermann thinks she is getting this someday #sheprobablywill.”

Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Brielle Has Her Eye on Kim's Ring

We doubt that Kim will be giving B that ring anytime soon, but if and when she does get it, we hope Ariana gets the keys to the enormous house. KJ and Kash can have first dibs on the wig collection and all football memorabilia! 

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