Credit: Fred Montana / Splash News Photo: Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada in Miami Beach

When news broke over the weekend that Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson allegedly assaulted his wife Evelyn Lozada during an argument, we were shocked at the thought that Chad could’ve gotten physical with his gal, but does the footballer actually have a history of abusing Evelyn?

A source close to the couple tells Radar Online, “Chad has been abusive towards Evelyn basically from the beginning of their relationship.”

While the end of the couple’s marriage may have come as a surprise to fans, the source reveals that many of the couple’s friends expected a split, going on to say, “Chad and Evelyn's marriage was volatile in nature and a mistake from the start.”

In fact, one of Chad and Evelyn’s previous arguments allegedly got so heated that Chad threatened to kill Evelyn.

“She told me that Chad threatened to kill her one time and that was really a red flag,” the same source said.

Woah, we’re glad Evelyn finally found the courage to divorce her man!

Source: Radar Online