Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo Photo: Sheree Whitfield Flaunts Her Fabulous Figure

Chateau Sheree is Sheree Whitfield’s work-in-progress new home, which caused quite a bit of drama when Sheree was on the show season, but just how is the home doing now?

While Sheree was trying to battle her ex-husband Bob for child support, she was also in the process of building a new home for herself and her children (though the deed is in her mother’s name).

For much of the season, there were no changes with the Chateau Sheree lot (it began as and remained an empty dirt space), but now there seem to be visable signs of progress!

Tamara Tattles obtained pictures of Sheree’s lot last Easter, and while the dirt pile is still present, there is also the wooden shell of a house. Looks like Sheree is putting those Real Housewives of Atlanta checks to good use!

Click here to see pictures of Sheree’s new home.

Are you surprised to see the house looking so good?