Credit: John Amis / Bravo Photo: Cynthia Bailey Smiles at NeNe's Party

It's time for our weekly dose of insanity — here's what went down with Cynthia Bailey on Season 5, Episode 8 of  The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Let's do this!

No More Drama?
Riding a post vow renewal high, Cynthia Bailey was unfortunately taken down by Kenya Moore’s drama stirring the next day.

At their beachside brunch, Cynthia had to deal with a passive aggressive Kenya, who we’re assuming was bored with Porsha and wanted to move on to her next target In a thinly veiled insult, Kenya decided to give Cynthia a signed copy of Vanessa Williams’ new book to teach her about the beauty’s journey and not so subtly remind us all that Cynthia wasn’t a Vanessa Williams’ connoisseur, which is apparently unforgivable in Kenya’s book. 

Cynthia took Kenya aside to talk it over, and while the two got into it, they somehow cooled down with a walk on the beach, although we’re sure Cynthia was ready to bury the pageant girl in the sand by the end of their talk.

But then, Peter managed to get back at Kenya on his wife’s behalf by calling out her and Walter during their last supper and awkwardly planting a ticking time bomb on their already struggling romance.