Credit: John Amis / Bravo Photo: Cynthia Bailey Smiles at NeNe's Party

Butt dials are embarrassing enough, and butt dials caught on camera are the absolute worst. Unfortunately, Phaedra Parks falls victim to the latter when Cynthia Bailey gets her hands on a voicemail Phaedra left for a mutual friend.

In the voicemail, Phaedra states that she “doesn’t give a fk” about Cynthia coming to her son Ayden’s birthday party, and when Cynthia confronts Phaedra about the snub, she totally denies it!

“Whoever told you that is trippin,” Phaedra declares.

Yet Cynthia is one step ahead of her lawyer friend, and actually has the offending voicemail on hand. Uh oh …

Watch the awkwardness go down in the sneak peek video below!  

Credit: Bravo Photo: Sneak Peek of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5, Episode 4: Cynthia Bailey Catches Phaedra Parks in a Lie! (VIDEO)