Credit: Bravo Photo: Cynthia Gets Closer to the Altar in 3.9

Arguably the classiest of the Hotlanta Housewives, Cynthia Bailey found herself in some Bravo-worthy drama on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Caught between supporting her BFF and paying attention to her fiance, Cynthia dished on what really went down between her and Peter, how she diffused the argument, and how she kissed and made up with all parties.

In this week's eppy, we saw Peter upset that Cynthia was spending so much time on the phone with NeNe. He felt he deserved some attention after coming home from a long day of dealing with the drama of the restaurant he owned. Cynthia, of course, just thought she was being a good girlfriend and hearing a sister out. This even interfered with NeNe and Peter's (oddly close) relationship. We won't even bother mentioning that poor Cynthia's trying to plan a wedding, here.

In a totally calm (and totally un-Housewife-like) fashion, Cynthia patiently explained to both parties that she wasn't going to chose between them.

Says Cynthia, "I talked to NeNe and tried to explain Peter's situation and it wasn't like 'I can't be on the phone with you 20 times a day anymore' but more like 'it's a really crazy time for everyone and I need to give Peter more attention.' On the flip side, I told Peter 'I really love my friendship with NeNe and I know it seems like I'm giving her a lot of my time...I really want to be there for her and if I needed a friend, I'd want her to be there for me.' And he understood it."

Bottom line according to Cynthia? Communication. "No person should have to choose between their man and their friend," she says.

Peter and NeNe made up, too, but, unfortunately the restaurant wound up closing. Cynthia dishes that we'll see that drama play out on RHoATL towards the end of the season. It looks like the newest H'wife is going out with a bang.

Source: Essence