Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Noelle Robinson

Cynthia Bailey’s daughter, Noelle, hasn’t had the easiest time finding a school that fits her social and academic needs in Atlanta, and only a year or so after heading back to school after being homeschooled for a year, Noelle is prepping for another possible change.

A few months ago, the 12-year-old Instagrammed a photo of her application to Woodward Academy, a fancy private school in Atlanta. “Filling this Woodward application out!” she wrote. And while we bet the posh, $23k-a-year school may be difficult to get into, Noelle was just named “Student of the Month” at her current school, so she could have a good shot at being admitted to Woodward.

But do you think $23,000 a year is too much to spend on school? Tell us your opinion below!