Credit: Adrian Varnedoe/PacificCoastNews Photo: NeNe rocks a leather jacket at Club Sushi, June 2009
The Real Housewives of Atlanta have been known to act like damn fools, but in tonight’s episode, we see NeNe’s son commit an impressive act of stupidity, even for the likes of Hotlanta. We learn tonight the details of Brice Leakes’, age 20, arrest. Apparently, Brice was visiting a friend in prison, and, when he was patted down upon entrance, police discovered Brice was carrying marijuana. Leakes’ exceptionally original excuse was that he didn’t even know he had the weed on him. Obviously. Otherwise he definitely wouldn’t have walked into a prison. Duh. He was arrested and charged with possession.

The preview clip features NeNe and Brice after the arrest. Brice asks if he can come home, but prefers that NeNe lift his curfew, which is simply too restricting for his lifestyle. As you can imagine, this results in a tirade by NeNe, which she wraps up by telling Brice he’s lost his damn mind and walking out of the conversation. The whole exchange is totally hilarious in its absurdity, but Mama Leakes definitely lays down the law.

Source: Monsters and Critics