Credit: Turgeon/Rocke/Splash News Photo: Jill Zarin Shows Off Her Rings on January 4, 2012

After the release of their book Secrets of a Jewish Mother, Jill Zarin, her sister Lisa Wexler, and her mother Gloria Kamen began accepting invitations to speak at various Jewish women's functions across the country. But, their latest engagement landed the former Real Housewife of New York in hot water after her sister allegedly trashed stay-at-home moms.

Apparently, during a speech at a charity dinner held by the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, Lisa went off about how stay-at-home moms are fundamentally unfulfilled as human beings, adding that women need to work outside the home to remain balanced. As you can imagine, this pissed several Jewish mamas off, and they stormed out of the event midway through.

The organizers of the event sent an apology email to the women in attendance the next day, sharing in their outrage, claiming they were expecting "a funny and poignant take on Jewish motherhood" from the ladies, instead of what they got.

Lisa is denying she was anywhere near as harsh as the organization is claiming she was, and defended herself to RadarOnline, saying, "I spoke from my heart. I spoke of my values as expressed in our book and on my radio show every day...In a group of 700 women, some will agree with me and others will not. As to the specific allegation that I spoke against stay-at-home moms, that is an absolute lie."

Hmm, we guess Jill and Co.'s patented New York Jew sass doesn't quite translate across the country...

Source: RadarOnline