Credit: Bravo Photo: Walter Jackson and His Date

All week we've been talking about the drama that went down at Kandi Burruss's housewarming party when Kenya Moore and Walter Jackson ended up in the same place at the same time. In short, Kenya wasn't even in the room five minutes before she twirled herself right on out of there.

Earlier that week, she had been at the same party as Walter — Peter Thomas's men's health affair — and the evening was fairly uneventful, so we were surprised to see her hightail it out of Kandi's shindig so fast. Kenya claimed that Walter was stalking her and that she felt threatened without her security around.

Hmm. Maybe the fact that Walter was dateless at Peter's event, while Kenya had a former NFL player on her arm, and that she was the one flying solo at Kandi's party while Walter dragged along a twenty-something gal pal had something to do with all this? Just sayin'.

Do you think Kenya overreacted at Kandi's house?