Credit: Elite Real Estate Properties Photo: Kim Zolciak's Dream Home: The Deck

Kim put her surprisingly funky and cute Duluth home up for sale — with an asking price of $499,000 — after she discovered she was preggo with baby Biermann. In an effort to make room for the ever-expanding Family Zolciak, Kim and Kroy decided to look for a more sprawling and expansive nest in which to settle, and it looks like they may have found it!

Kim's daughter, Brielle (who apparently has no parental Internet controls whatsoever), blogged a photo with the caption "newwww house." You better strap in, kids, 'cause it's quite the crib.

The 2-acre property features a mansion with 7 bedrooms, 6 full and 4 half bathrooms, 3 full kitchens (how many kitchens does a pregnant woman need?!), 2 laundry rooms, 1 media room that seats 30 people, and a four-car garage. Phew! Oh, and did we mention the pool, hot tub, and regulation basketball court? OK, yeah, 'cause there's that, too. And, to top it all off, the house boasts a screened porch and a terrace — perfect basking areas for a real Hotlanta Housewife.

The asking price? Hold on to your wigs: $3.25 million. Kroy must be getting quite the paycheck from those Atlanta Falcons.

It looks like Kim will have plenty to keep her busy as she pads around waiting to pop in her third trimester.

Source: The Real Estalker