Credit: Joe Corrigan/Getty Images

While we’re still trying to deal with having to say goodbye to Kim Zolciak on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we’re not the only ones mourning a loss. 

Sadly, Kim herself had to say sayonara to her dream mansion after more than a few hiccups. But does that mean she’s in the market for a new home?

Nope! Kim won’t be making the same mistake this time around. Instead of trying to find the perfect mansion, she’s decided to build it herself! Well, that’s one to get rid of a crazy landlord.

Construction has already begun on the surely fabulous abode, and what a house it’s shaping up to be. Located in Roswell, Georgia, the mega mansion is apparently a whopping 16,000 square feet — and while that may seem like a lot, Kim will probably need a good two or thousand feet just for her wigs. 

So, just like we’re eagerly awaiting Kim’s new spin-off, we’re sure Kim is looking forward to moving into her new digs! 

Are you ready to see the house?