Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Kim Zolciak and Baby Kash Take a Nap

Things have been moving really fast with Kandi Burruss and her fiance, Todd Tucker, and even though the couple was just getting ready to move in together on the Season 5 premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, they had apparently already discussed some potential baby names!

Since both Kandi and Todd each have a daughter from a previous relationship, the couple would love to welcome a son, whom they would name Kash.

Yet Kim Zolciak (who was pregnant during filming and gave birth in August 2012) welcomed a little Kash of her own months after Kandi had that conversation with Todd.

So, did Kim “steal” Kandi’s baby name?

In her blog Kandi explains, “I've had a list of names in my phone for a few years for if I ever had another child. Kash was one of the names. When Todd and I got together, I showed it to him and we said that if we had a baby, Kash would be the name we would use. When we moved into this house we even had a room that we told everyone would be Kash's room. Todd would even make jokes about tattooing Kash on him.”

She continues, “It was the on-going joke and conversation amongst my friends. Well, you can imagine how shocked I was when I found out Kim named her son Kash. Oh well!”

However, when one of Kim’’s Twitter followers accused her of copying Kandi’s name, Kim shot back, “lmao!!!! I had the name Kash picked be4 Kroy and I conceived! Kandi and I have never spoken abt baby names! Sooo STFU!”

Who do you believe: Kandi or Kim?