Granted, Kandi Burruss’s launch party for Bedroom Kandi was a bit racy, but it was all in good fun, right?

Well, not according to NeNe Leakes. The queen of sas was not on board with all of the Kandi Koated fun from the get go, and although she stuck it out for a few minutes, all of the sexy shirtless men ultimately proved to be too much for Ms. Leakes.

However, instead of politely excusing herself from the funky festivities, NeNe chose to storm out of the party without acknowledging the other h’wives and refusing to say goodbye to hostess Kandi. A peeved NeNe even left the fellow Talls without a ride home!

We totally understand why the sexy soiree made NeNe feel uncomfortable, but was her hissy fit a bit too much?

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