Credit: Instagram Photo: Phaedra and Ayden Celebrate New Year's Eve at Kandi's House

Pregnant Phaedra Parks isn’t shy about flaunting her growing baby bump, but she’s much more guarded when talking specifically about her bun in the oven, even opting not to reveal her due date or the baby’s sex.

However, during an interview with NBC 4 in New York, Phaedra may have accidentally revealed that she’s expecting another son! While talking about how she plans to spoil this baby — much like she has done with her 2-year-old son, Ayden — Phaedra began by saying, “It’s going to be the same for this child, He is going to have...”

When the interviewers picked up on Phaedra’s slip, she tried to backtrack, but the sly look on her face makes us think that another baby boy Nida is on the way.

Watch the full video below, and then tell us your thoughts!

Source: NBC 4

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