Credit: Wilford Harewood/Bravo © Bravo Photo: NeNe and Gregg Are Together for Show in Episode 3.7: “She Can Dance?”

Wendy Williams struck a nerve with NeNe Leakes when she insinuated that the Real Housewife of Atlanta's relationship with Gregg is not much more than a friendship with business benefits. Even worse, she added that they shouldn't televise their wedding because everyone would know it's a lie.

Clearly Wendy isn’t one to hold back, and NeNe was beyond furious with the talk show hostess so she took to Twitter to vent her frustration.

We don't blame NeNe for raging... after all, NeNe's personal life is really none of Wendy's beeswax.

That being said, NeNe herself has emphasized over and over this season how Gregg is her best friend and how the two of them have known each other forever. And every time Gregg has tried to get sexy with her, she's pretty much rolled her eyes and pushed him away.

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