We knew that Kandi Burruss wanted to have another baby, but we were kinda surprised to hear that she is considering a surrogate for her next pregnancy.

The Real Housewife of Atlanta was talking marriage and kids with her boo, Todd Tucker — on last week's episode — when she first brought up the idea of having a baby mama. Totally on board, Todd high-fived his fiance to show his support.

We don't think there's anything wrong with using a surrogate, but Kandi is young and healthy, so we're not sure why she's opting for this route. She mentioned her career as the reason, but with stars like Beyonce popping out babies and headlining the Super Bowl a year later, a baby hardly holds back a successful and powerful woman these days... both words we'd use to describe Kandi, too!

Regardless, we know Kandi and Todd will be amazing parents.

What are your thoughts — should Kandi use a surrogate?