When Kim Zolciak and Big Poppa dated many moons ago, the successful Atlanta businessman took care of his blonde biddy, often lavishing her with expensive gifts like Louboutins and Louis Vuitton luggage, but did he buy her the Atlanta townhouse she’s currently living in?

According to a recent tweet, the townhouse was bought and paid for by Ms. Zolciak herself.

When a Twitter follower called Kim out for allegedly living in a house purchased for her by BP, she shot back, “Lmao had my townhouse long be4 I ever met him!”

You tell those haters, Kimmie!

The strong-willed H’wife doesn’t need recently-jailed Big Poppa or his bank account anymore because she has a footballer hubby of her own and a dream house in the works. You know what they say — success is the best revenge!

Are you surprised that Kim bought the townhouse on her own?