This week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta focused on one thing and one thing only: namely, junk in the trunk. Everyone knows that Phaedra Parks is famous for her firm, round Donkey Booty, but there's a new keister in town: people, meet Kenya Moore's Stallion booty.

The question is: would you want your own lady humps to resemble that of a donkey's or a stallion? NeNe Leakes makes a valid point that most women probably don't want to be compared to jackasses. Of course, we're not sure that male horses are the goal either. Basically, the donk leans more toward a large-yet-tight bubble butt, like Phaedra's or Kandi Burruss', while the stallion rear is slightly smaller, higher, and sleeker (think Cynthia Bailey).

What it boils down to is who do you want to see leading your buns workout when you pop in a DVD? Phaedra is hilarious and Apollo is hot — two pluses. Kenya, on the other hand, is insane, which is also entertaining.

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