Credit: Twitter Photo: Michelle Brown's Twitter Pic (Straight From The A)

It’s no wonder society blogger Michelle Brown knows so much about the Real Housewives of Atlanta. The columnist admits to Wetpaint exclusively that she’s in an “intimate” relationship with Sheree Whitfield’s ex, Bob Whitfield.

We asked Michelle about a recent post on that reads, “[Michelle] and Bob Whitfield […] are an item. They were out at Kashim Reed’s bday party and Tupac’s party last night. They’ve been flirting for at least a year. You didn’t hear this from me though. They both like each other. They’ve been on several dates — talk damn near every day. You know Michelle doesn’t do political events. He took her to the mayor’s party.”

Michelle responded via email, “Bob and I are both aware of Sandra Rose's post and yes, we attended both Mayor Reed's party and Tupac's tribute together. I've known Bob for several years and it's no secret that we are very close friends and confidants. The intimate nature of our relationship cannot be described as simply ‘dating’.  I'm sure Bob would tell you the same.”

So will we be seeing her on the air next season? “As for any appearance on RHOA,” she says, “I've attended a taping but that's really all I can say at this time.”