Credit: Izzy/WENN Photo: Cynthia Bailey Gets Ready to Take Her Seat at the Zang Toi Fall 2012 Fashion Show

Cynthia Bailey is celebrating her 44th birthday today, February 19, and in honor of the momentous occasion, we’ve decided to reveal five reasons why we just can’t get enough of this beautiful housewife.

5. She’s a Loyal Friend
Cynthia and Nene Leakes’s friendship began when Cynthia joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast in Season 3, and a bizarre “friendship contract” insures that the two will still be friends despite the fact that the other housewives don’t get along with NeNe.

Cynthia treats her friends with respect, and stands by them when things get tough.

4. She’s Fierce
Whether she’s sashaying down the runway at New York Fashion Week, or sauntering down the street in Atlanta, Cynthia always knows how to work it. This is one model who knows how to earn her keep.

3. She’s an Entrepenuer
Cynthia saw an opportunity to teach young girls how to break into the fashion industry, and so The Bailey Agency School of Fashion was born. Cynthia has put her heart and soul into the school, and by all accounts everything is going very well. We love a gal with passion and great business sense!

2. She Stays Away From the Drama
Granted, Cynthia may have stirred the pot a bit in South Africa when she told the Talls that only she was invited to Sheree’s friends’ party, but Cyn generally isn’t one to start drama. We can’t quite see her fighting on a tour bus or pulling some girls’ weave, either.

1.She Loves Her Family
Cynthia and her ex, Leon Robinson, are great parents to their daughter Noelle, and there’s no denying that Cynthia loves every member of her family despite any past disagreements. Cynthia was instrumental in mending Peter’s relationship with her sister Malorie after the wedding fiasco, and she always has Peter’s back. Let’s hope her family throws her an awesome birthday celebration.

Happy birthday, boo!