Credit: Kim Zolciak’s Facebook Photo: Kim Zolciak Halloween Photoshoot: #4

Kim Zolciak’s new and improved dream home isn’t quite finished yet, but by all accounts, the abode is coming along very nicely. We know that Kimmie really appreciates the finer things in life, and with her ever-growing family, she’s going to need a pretty big house … especially if she wants to pop out one more Baby Biermann!

So just how large is Kim’s new home? Hold on to your wigs, because the answer may surprise you!

Several months ago Kim tweeted that the Davis’s house (the one she was kicked out of) is 11,000 square feet, and she later mentioned that her new house will be some 5,000 square feet larger than that. “Our new house is 5k square feet bigger than the other house! #perfectcredit,” she wrote.

By our estimates, that means that Kim’s nearly completed house is around 16,000 square feet.

It may be hard to visualize just how large that is, but let’s just say Kim will have plenty of room for her myriad of wigs and a whole football team of Baby Biermanns!

Are you surprised that Kim’s house is so large?