Credit: Splash News Photo: Kim and NeNe: The Way We Were -- Gallery Cover

We're not quite sure any self-respecting white woman accused of being a slave master by her black friend would ever kiss and make up with the aforementioned pal, but Kim did seem to get a little emotional during the Leakes/Zolciak greatest hits and funniest moments package Bravo aired during the The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show. Also, keep in mind, Kim forgave NeNe for strangling her in public and on camera during a fight, so if you can come back from that...

Kim admitted on part two of the reunion show that she couldn't deny wishing NeNe the best in life moving forward, but NeNe remained stoic (and by "stoic," we mean "rife with kooky reaction shots"), and nonchalantly replied that she was done with Kim (for the 147th time) for good.

As far as NeNe's likelihood of buckling, she did seem to make up with Dwight at Cynthia's wedding after a season-long friend break. Of course, that involved a lot of groveling and complimenting on Dwight's part, and we can't quite see Kim stooping to such a level.

Maybe the birth of Kim's bouncing bundle of Biermann joy will melt NeNe's frigid heart and baby-craziness will bury the hatchet between these two. Although, that didn't quite work for Phaedra...

We're not going to lie...the future looks bleak.

Source: People