Credit: Wilford Harewood/Bravo Photo: Apollo Nida Defends Himself

After a spectacular season, the ladies of Atlanta are all coming back together for the requisite reunion extravaganza, which gives them a chance to stir up old issues and most likely create even bigger ones.  

Case in point: Kenya Moore and Apollo’s strange and vaguely inappropriate “relationship.”

The pair caught heat in Anguilla from all the Housewives over their poolside flirting, most notably, Apollo’s wife and Kenya’s booty wars nemesis, Phaedra Parks. And while it would seem that the Parks-Nida family is all smiles, considering baby number two is on the way, it looks like Kenya was ready to stir up their marriage at least one more time.

In a sneak peek of the reunion, set to air this Sunday, the former Miss U.S.A. looked to be eyeing a new title: homewrecker.

After some back and forth between the miss new booties, househusband Apollo steps in and tells Kenya that he didn’t really care for her, to which she replies “Maybe you should stop texting me then...”

Ouch! The ladies, and even Andy Cohen, look a little shocked at the admission, and rightfully so! While Kenya’s been known to stretch the truth to fit her own delusions, it’s not necessarily impossible to imagine texts were exchanged after watching the way the two have interacted in the past.

The peek didn’t give us Apollo’s response, so you’ll have to tune in on Sunday to get the full story!  

Do you think Apollo’s been texting Kenya?

Credit: Bravo Photo: Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion: Kenya Moore Claims Apollo Nida Sends Her Text Messages