Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Lisa Wu Gets Sexy on Set

After only two seasons on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Lisa Wu bid farewell to the show and moved on. (Let's face it, she was far too sane for Hotlanta.) But, with Kim Zolciak gone (we think) and other contracts up in the air, some wishful thinkers see an opening for Lisa to return.

She’s split from her man, and her kids are a bit older now, so we’d love to see what’s up with the former RHoA castmate!

Sadly, it looks like there’s only disappointment in our future.

After one of Lisa's Twitter followers begged her to please come back to RHOA, Ms. Wu replied, "doing movies Luv. It's not likely : ( I appreciate your support xoxoxo."

Then again, "not likely" doesn't mean "no way," so maybe there is still hope? Glass half full, people!

Would you like to see Lisa back on RHoA?