Credit: Frank Mullen/Getty Images for Verizon Wireless Photo: NeNe Leakes and Lisa Wu Hartwell in Atlanta in 2008

Ever since Lisa Wu left The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we haven’t been able to get our weekly updates on any of the juicy drama in her life. But that doesn’t mean we’ve lost her forever! 

Lisa is alive and well, as shown by her very active twitter (@1LisaWu) where she gives her fans up to the minute updates on everything from family events, to upcoming appearances and new projects.

And as a bonus: it looks like she answers or retweets almost every single fan, so if you’re a Closet Freak fanatic (it’s her clothing line, we swear), get to typing! 

Good thing too, because without it, we wouldn’t know how to chart her post-housewives success! 

Did you know Lisa is on Twitter?