When Joy Behar announced she was leaving The View after almost 17 years on the hit talk show, rumors immediately started swirling about her replacement. Among the many names — including Brooke Shields, Jenny McCarthy, and Ali Wentworth — was The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s ever-outspoken NeNe Leakes, who recently co-hosted the show to rave reviews.

So, naturally, when Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Joy at Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival at Madison Square Garden on March 23, we had to pick her brain about her potential “replacement,” and surprisingly, she was 100 percent on board with the change.

When we asked her what she thought of NeNe hosting The View, she exclaimed, “Oh, NeNe! I love NeNe! Yeah, I think she’d be very good.”

But that wasn’t all she had to say. When we said, “I don’t think that anyone can replace you, but if anyone can...” she immediately jumped in, saying, “It’d be NeNe!”, basically finishing our sentence. “She’d be great,” she quickly added. “She’s fun!”

Though Joy won’t be approving her successor, we think her blessing is the last thing NeNe needs in order to sign on the dotted line. The H’wife has mentioned she has a talk show “coming soon” and recently had “the best” call with a major network, so maybe it’s already in the works. Your move, ABC!

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