Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo

Everybody knows that the marker of true Real Housewives success is landing your own spin-off. And now Atlanta Housewife Phaedra Parks is doing just that... and why not? The woman is hilarious!

Bravo revealed a few months ago that Phae-Phae's show would be centered around her legal career. Phaedra will be putting her law degree to use by helping wealthy folks deal with their "rich people problems."

"Some have said that Phaedra will go into homes to mediate the disputes, while others say she will have a “fake” courtroom set up kind of like Judge Judy or Divorce Court,".

We don't know about you guys, but we're hoping for the latter. We can already see Phaedra banging that gavel! Phaedra has previously stated that she has no interest in doing a spin-off with her family, but this makes perfect sense.

Would you watch a Phaedra spin-off?

Source: Straight From the A