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These days, it seems like every Real Housewife is gunning for her own solo show — yes, we’re talking about you, Kim Zolciak — but The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks isn’t quite ready for a show that would be all about her.

Say what?! Oh Phae-Phae, what Housewives school did you go to?

Yet even though we were surprised by Phaedra’s reluctance to have her own spin-off, she actually made a compelling case for why solo shows are no good.

During an interview with Perez Hilton, Phaedra revealed, “I find that in shows where it’s really concentrated on your personal life everyone sees enough of our home life already — it’s very invasive and you don’t have a lot of privacy just being on Housewives in general.”

And perhaps alluding to some of Kim’s recent family drama, Phaedra continued, “For every show to be good there always has to be some drama or some antagonistic perspective, and I don’t want to have to fight with my husband or my mama.”

Turns out that Phae-Phae values her relationships with her family members too much to subject them all to an overly-dramatic show of her own.

“Doing the Housewives is plenty of drama,” she continues. “I love my family, we get along and I want to keep having a healthy relationship, so if I did a show I definitely would not have my family on.”

We admire Phaedra’s dedication and loyalty to her loved ones, but is it foolish of her to not go after her own show? Watch the rest of her interview with Perez, and then share your thoughts below!

Credit: Perez Hilton Photo: Does Phaedra Parks Want Her Own Spin-Off? (VIDEO)