Now that Kenya Moore has officially broken up with Walter Jackson on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she’s free to gossip about her onetime boo. several episodes ago, she sought some post-breakup support from her aunt Lori and her cousin.

Even though aunt Lori and the fam were pro-Walter in the beginning, the strange circumstances of his split with Kenya had the ladies questioning his sexuality. Basically, Kenya’s cuz concluded that since Walt wasn’t interested in gettin’ frisky with Kenya in the shower in Anguilla, he might be gay.

And while dress shopping with Cynthia later in the season, Kenya revealed that she asked Walter about his sexuality, and maintains that he never denied being gay.

However, Walter has insisted that he is not gay and that he “likes his women like he likes his rims: 22s, 24s, and 26s.”


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