A unit with heat and electricity included in the price of rent, you say? Where do we sign up to live in THAT apartment? Well, not with landlord Joe Giudice.

The Real Househusband of New Jersey (married to Teresa Giudice) has been branded a slum lord by the residents of the New Jersey apartment building he owns after racking up a $51,000 electricity bill with the New Jersey Electric Company (not payable in Monopoly money).

Apparently, he's behind in payments on several bills for his building, resulting in no utilities for the renters. "The gas and electricity were shut down," one resident told RadarOnline.com. "Tenants can’t care for their kids and have no heat."

While Joe did file for bankruptcy last year, he later withdrew the request when it was discovered he was, in fact, hiding some assets. We guess trying to get out of paying Teresa's Neiman Marcus bill backfired?

So what exactly is Joe using those hidden funds for? Not paying the bills on his properties, clearly.

No, but really, did Joe learn nothing from playing Monopoly as a child? He's doing it all wrong.

Source: RadarOnline