Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Photo: Kandi Burruss

Ugh, Sheree Whitfield just cannot catch a break. Announcing her new goal of winning Oscar on Real Housewives of Atlanta last season seems to have jinxed her! First, NeNe Leakes landed a gig in a touring play, then DeShawn Snow snagged a role in a movie, and now Kandi Burruss has big acting plans on the horizon.

In addition to cameo roles on TBS's scripted comedy series Are We There Yet? and VH1's new series Single Ladies, Kandi is working on a pretty major film role. She dished to Flye & Co, "I can’t give any hints on the cast because they are still throwing around names. But it’s the story of Florence Ballard, the Supreme that got kicked out the group. I’ll be playing Florence’s sister. Music is somewhat involved, but it’s more dramatic than anything."

The flick's budget is still being finalized, so things aren't quite a go just yet, but Kandi revealed that they were supposed to start taping soon. Not gonna lie, we're actually pretty jazzed at the idea of Kandi acting. Sheree isn't terrible, just a strange mix of boring while simultaneously being over the top. And based on what NeNe was like when she read all those commercial copies for the promos of Celebrity Apprentice, Sheree doesn't even look to be the worst actress of the bunch.

But, for some reason, we have faith in Kandi. Maybe it's all her "performing" in music videos, but she seems totally capable of being real, natural on camera, emoting believably, and not coming off as completely insane.

What do you think of Kandi's move to acting?

Source: Flye & Co