This week has been all about Walter, Walter, Walter when it comes to Real Housewives of Atlanta drama. Kenya Moore is convinced that his presence at Kandi Burruss's housewarming party was a deliberate trap to get her to freak out (it worked), but now Kandi has posted on her Bravo blog to clear the air.

According to Kandi, Walter is friends with Greg, the guy who headed up the remodeling work on her house. She didn't know if it was Todd who invited Walt or if he came with Greg, but she does feel that it's irrelevant. The fact is that Todd and Kandi have been friends with Kenya's ex longer than they've been friends with Kenya... that's news to us!

"I’m not going to exclude him from an event just because of her, and I wouldn’t exclude her because of him," she wrote.

Furthermore, considering Kenya played it super cool around Walter at Cynthia Bailey's event, Kandi had no idea that Kenya would react the way she did at the housewarming. Girl, don't you know by now that Kenya is a ticking bomb that could go off at any given moment?

Do you think it was a big deal that Walter was invited?