Our girl Kandi Burruss may have her raunchy Kandi Koated Nights radio show and her own line of sex toys, but she’s actually pretty tame in other respects. As far as we know, Kandi is a model citizen who has never gotten in trouble with the law — until now!

On Feb. 4, Kandi was chatting on the phone and driving when she got pulled over by the police. How rude! Kandi Instagrammed the above photo of herself with an annoyed half-smirk on her face, writing, “Damn! Talking to @411Media on the phone & got pulled for speeding! Way to start a Monday....”

Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Kandi Burruss Gets Pulled Over By the Cops

We agree with Kandi: A confrontation with the cops is no way to start off your week. However, safety does come first. And hopefully the cop that pulled our girl over is a Real Housewives of Atlanta fan and he or she let Kandi off with a warning this time!

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