Credit: John Amis / Bravo Photo: Kandi Burruss Makes a Sexy Entrance

Things got a bit awkward last week when Kenya Moore’s boo, Walter, divulged that he’d asked Kandi Burruss out in the past, and while Kenya admitted to feeling “a little insecure” about the whole thing, Kandi is now sharing her view of events in her blog. 

“I thought the whole thing with Walter admitting he asked me out was a little awkward,” she writes. “Especially now that he and Todd are cool. I mentioned to Todd that Walter had asked me out before, but I'm sure it’s different for him to hear Walter actually say he was attracted to me.”

“It was weird for me to hear Walter say it because, truth be told, he never asked me out himself,” Kandi explained. “It was always our mutual friend asking me out for him.”

Kandi went on to say that she’d actually met Walter through mutual friends, and they’d run into each other many times over the years.

Kandi’s now in a committed relationship with Todd, so we don’t think Kenya has anything to worry about. But could you see Kandi and Walter as a couple? Sound off below!